Project 28- Approved proposal of Karol Bagh Pedestrian Project : Parking and circulation system around the proposed Ajmal Khan Pedestrian street

    (1) Name of Project Karol Bagh Pedestrization Project : including Parking and Circulation Plan
    (2) Name of the Agency MCD
    (3) UTTPEC Processing

    The Proposal for “Management, Streetscaping and Urban Placemaking” wasapproved by 22nd Governing Body dated 16.04.2010 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble LG, Delhi with certain observations:

    1. The Karol Bagh comprehensive proposal covered all related aspects for improvement of Circulation systems, Parking, Connectivity to Metro/Public Transport System and Feeder services.
    2. Stake holder meetings and consultations with the Traffic Police have also been held by the MCD.
    3. Optimum capacity for parking on the proposed/designated parking areas is to be appropriately planned to cater to the requirement of all vehicles.
    4. Priority be given to the Short Term Parking and Long Term Parking to be discouraged. High parking fees to be levied accordingly.
    5. Ajmal Khan Road to be primarily a 'Pedestrianized street.' However, limited movement of rickshaws during the summer and rainy seasons may be allowed.
    6. Pusa road-Ajmal Khan Road intersection, which is under the Karol Bagh Metro station, is to be signalized with 'a table top crossing' for easy and safe crossing of pedestrians/cycles/rickshaws etc. It was noted that the Karol Bagh Metro Station overbridge was not available for use by un-ticketed passengers.
    7. Engineer-in-Charge, MCD noted that a length of approx. 250 m could be implemented before the Commonwealth Games.
    8. Decisions:
      The proposal was appreciated and approved for implementation with incorporation of the following observations/ conditions:

      1. Trial run of the proposed one-way loop circulation system is to be conducted by Traffic Police and subsequently implemented. Action: Traffic Police
      2. Public Art to be provided in the area must by functional as well as aesthetic and must evoke positive emotions amongst spectators. Action: MCD
      3. Table-top crossing and synchronized Signalization of Pusa road-Ajmal Khan Road junction is to be implemented at the earliest. Action: MCD, Traffic Police

      Governing body dated 25.06.2014 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble LG, Delhi approved the Stage-III final drawings ofUnderpass at B.J. Marg & Parallel flyover along the existing flyover at ORR-RTR junction.

    The Proposal for “KAROL BAGH PEDESTRIANIZATION PROJECT - Parking and Circulation system around the proposed Ajmal Khan pedestrian street” wasapproved by30THGoverning Body dated 15.04.2011under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble LG, Delhi with the following directions:

    1. MCD will immediately prepare the Stack Parking plans for the above proposed three sites and also submit the feedback report of the present stack parking sites in Sheila Cinema and Karol Bagh Area before approval is given by the Governing Body
    2. Delhi Traffic Police will immediately implement the proposed one-way circulation system as decided earlier by the Governing Body on 16.04.2010.
    3. Planning and implementation of the approved project to monitored by the UTTIPEC Core Team and discussed with all the Stakeholders and provide feedback to the Governing Body.
    (4) Copy of approved plans Click here
    1. Proposal for Management, Streetscaping and Urban Placemaking
    2. Proposal for “Parking and Circulation system around the proposed Ajmal Khan pedestrian street
    (5) File No. No.F.6(119)09/UTTIPEC
    (6) Date of uploading of website 16.01.2015
    (7) Project Proponent CE, KB2 (Karol Bagh), Municipal Corporation of Delhi