Project 26: Approved Proposal of Part Layout Plan of Integrated Passenger Terminal cum bus depot with bus terminal facility at AnandVihar, Delhi

    1. Name of project Part Layout Plan of integrated passenger terminal cum bus depot with bus terminal facility at AnandVihar, Delhi.
    2. Name of Agency UTTIPEC, DDA
    3. UTTIPEC Processing

    The part layout plan approved by VC on 19.09.2014 and was further placed before the 12thTechnical Committee held 24.09.2014 for ratification vide item no. 60/2014 the Technical Committee agreed to the proposal in the para3 of the agenda along with following observations:-

    1. Entire land measuring 6.6 hect. (i.e. 16.33 acres) land including the land earmarked for IPT-cum-bus Depot with bus terminal facility(5.67 ha) and area reserved for mandatory parking of all IPT modes (0.94 ha) to be allotted to transport department.
      1. The transport department will prepare a detailed integrated development plan comprising of integrated passenger terminal (IPT) cum-Bus depot with bus terminal facility and parking of all IPT Modes and area required for Second Entry to Railway station in consultation with Northern Railways.
      2. The provision of mandatory parking for all IPT modes (i.e. 15% of the total area) be planned in the integrated plan and the flexibility in placing the parking be allowed in the design of the total complex.This proposal was agreed by Northern Railway Transport Department, GNCTD & DTC who were present in the meeting.
      3. Land Management Wing will provide details of the land free from all encroachments and encumbrances to Land Disposal Wing for allotment of land to GNCTD on top priority.
    4. Copy of approved plan Click here
    Layout Plan of Integreted pasanger Terminal at Karkari Mor
    Karkari Mod IPTO Lay Out Plan
    5. File No. F5(01)/14/MP/
    6. Date of uploading of website 15.12.2014
    7. Additional details UTTIPEC, DDA, 2ndFloor, VikasMinar, I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110002