Project 22- Improvement of ‘T’ Junction at Samalkha Chowk

    1 Name of project Improvement of ’T’ Junction at Samalkha Chowk.
    2. Name of Agency PWD
    3 UTTIPEC Processing

    As per the request of Dwarka residents and subsequent joint inspection, PWD has submitted the improvement of T junction at Samalkha Chowk.Proposal was discussed in the WG-II-B meeting held on 2.12.2011 and recommended for consideration of Governing Body.


    1. 11 m carriage way has been retained on either side of the central verge on this road taking into account the large volume of traffic on this corridor.
    2. Signalized slip roads with pedestrian crossings has been provided for left turning traffic & safe pedestrian crossing.
    3. For the straight moving traffic from Dwarka underpass towards NH-8, a 2 lane bypass road has been proposed segregating it from the main carriage way so that the straight traffic flowunhindered from Dwarka toward NH-8.
    4. The R/W as per the Zonal plan/Master plan is 100 m, This first phase proposal is only forthe existing available width at site for the purpose of improving the ’T’ intersection
    5. Existing slip road from NH-8 towards Samalkha serving the properties along Samalkha Road has been retained in the proposal.
    6. Provision for NMT in the form of shared lanes has been proposed alongwith bus bays in the proposal.
    7. No properties are affected in the improvement proposal.
    8. The Traffic Police has agreedto the junction improvement proposal and requested for early implementation

    Working Group II-B recommended the proposal for consideration of the Governing Body subject to following observations:

    1. The proposal submitted is for Ph-I only which is within the existing available width of the road to ease out the traffic at the T-junction.
    2. The proposed verge segregating the through traffic to flow uninterruptedly shall be provided with flaring of the verge at entry & exit points for safe vehicular movement through the by-pass lane.
    3. PWD to submit the details of affected properties/ trees, services, if any, in the improvement proposal and show it on the plan and the issues needs to be handled by PWD.
    4. Necessary Road markings & signages shall be provided in the improvement scheme.

    As recommended by the Working Group, the34th Governing Body held on 20.1.2012approved the proposal with above observations.

    5. Copy of theproposal Click here
    6 File No. F6 (157)2011/UTTIPEC
    7. Date of uploading on website 5.10.2012
    8. For additional details Contact Executive Engineer ,M-111, R.R. Lines,
    Dhaula Kuan, Ring Road,
    New Delhi-110010
    Ph.No.25695129, 25692113