Project 20- The proposal for Short Term measures for traffic circulation related to Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar on NH-1(Libas pur junction)

    1. Name of project Conceptual proposal for Short Term measuresfor traffic circulation related to Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar on NH-1(Libas pur junction)
    2. Name of Agency PWD, Govt. of NCT, Delhi
    3. Consultant -----
    4. UTTIPEC Processing
    1. Initially, a proposal for Construction of Grade Separator at Sanjay Gandhi Transport NagarT Junction on NH-1, submitted by Executive Engineer,Flyover Project Divn.F-132, PWD, Govt. of NCTD, Mukarba Chowk, G.T.Karnal Roadwhich was discussed in 18thWG-II-B meeting held under the Chairmanship of EM, DDA on 18.5.2010
    2. 33rd Governing Body Meeting dt. 25.10.11 had decided that “a Core Group officers of PWD, NHAI, MCD, Traffic Police and UTTIPEC will work out a short term solution to provide immediate relief for the right turning traffic from Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar & improvement of circulation on NH-1 The Short term measures will be discussed in the next Working Group meeting”.
    3. Accordingly, a Joint inspection was held with PWD, NHAI and Traffic Police and a proposal was worked out which was discussed in the Working Group Meeting dt. 3.4.12.

    4. Short term measures for traffic circulation at Libaspur crossing worked out byCore team was discussed in the Core group meeting held on 6.2.2012.The above proposal incorporating the observations & suggestions from the Stake holders to be placed in the next WG-II-B meeting.In pursuance to the decision taken in the 34th meeting of WG-II-B, the proposal of intersection design at Libaspur crossing was prepared and discussed in the meeting of the Core Group held on 15.3.2012.It was recommended that the proposed plan alongwith the observations discussed in the 35th WG-II-B meeting to be placed before the Governing Body meeting for approval.
    5. UTTIPEC in its 37th Governing Body meeting held on 25.5.12 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G. of Delhi, has decided as under:

    The Governing Body approved in principle the conceptual proposal as recommended by the Working Group with the direction that PWDto implement the proposal in a time bound manner as NOC from NHAI has already been received. NHAI to issue NOC letter directly to PWD.

    1. Widening of the road at surface level on both sides of the elevated corridor for smooth traffic flow which will reduce congestion at this junction.
    2. Two reserved lanes for 'U' turning traffic from Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar side.
    3. Two lanes reserved for straight traffic.
    4. One way movement with widening of C/W at the surface level road between drain and elevated road.
    5. Disallowing vehicular traffic from Swaroop Nagar to use this road in reverse flow direction and diverting them on the parallel road across the drain.
    6. Proper signalization of the intersection is to be taken up by the Road Owning Agency & Delhi Traffic Police. Signal cycle/phasing time for the above proposal to be finalized by the Traffic Police based on the volume of Traffic.
    7. Smooth curve with appropriate turning radius to be provided for the U turning coming from SGNT side to Mukarba chowk side.
    8. The existing bus stand at the intersection to be shifted to appropriate location by providing proper bus baysand bus shelters.

    The above proposal was placed before the Working Group on 3.4.12.

    1. The existing width of the carriage way is not adequate to cope up with the straight & right turning traffic at this intersection. Hence, the widening of carriage way on both sides of the elevated corridor as per the proposed plan is essential.
    2. DCP (Traffic) NR had reservation about the proposal fo not allowing the right turning traffic from Burari / Swaroop Nagar and diverting them along the parallel road across the drain.
    3. However, it was classified in the meeting that DCP (Traffic) and TI had agreed with the above diversion during the Joint Inspection held by the Director (UTTIPEC) with all concerned agencies. Moreover, DCP (Traffic) in his letter dt 29.3.12 had actually agreed that the proposal is feasible, if the relaying and widening of the road is done accordingly.
    4. The NOC for taking up the widening of the road on both sides of the elevated road shall be given by NHAI, to PWD or transfer the road to PWD immediately.
    5. NHAI will either handover NH-1 to PWD or NOC shall be issued for taking up the surface level road widening as per the proposal within a stipulated time. NHAI will also complete the repairing work below the elevatedroad at Libaspur crossing within a time bound manner.
    6. Delhi Traffic Police will work out the signalization system with appropriate signal cycle/ phasing time based on the proposal with real time trial run. Feasibility of diverting Swaroop Nagar traffic as agreed by DCP (Traffic) to be also explored as an option to reduce the signal cycle time at the intersection.
    7. Provision of signals, signages, markings, lighting etc to be provided by PWD in coordination with the Traffic Police.

    Working Grouprecommendedthe proposal with above observations forconsideration of the Governing Body.

    It was explained in the meeting that NHAI has addressed a letter to UTTIPEC giving NOC to PWD for developing road near Sanjay Gandhi Nagar on NH-1, Delhi. PWD should now prepare the implementation plan based on the conceptual plan for carrying out the work.

    5. Copy of Conceptual proposal
    6 File No. F6 (83)09/DIR/UTTIPEC
    7. Date of uploading on website 11.9.2012
    8. Contact Executive Engineer, Flyover Project Divn.F-131, PWD, Govt. of NCTD, Mukarba Chowk, G. T. KarnalRoad ,
    Tel. Fax No.27691870.