Project 16-Traffic management plan of Delhi University (North campus)

    1 Name of the Project Traffic management plan of Delhi University (North campus)
    2 Name of the Agency Engineering Department, (North campus), University of Delhi
    3 Consultants: Development Consultants
    209-C, Masjid Moth (Opposite ’R’
    Block,South Ex-II), New Delhi-1049
    Ph. 011-2625480 Fax. 011-2625170
    4 UTTIPEC Processing Governing Body meeting held on 30.7.10
    1. Traffic Marshals to be engaged for regulating the proposed system with LED display of the timings for one way/two way movement of traffic.
    2. Plantation in Central verge to be taken up by MCD.
    3. Sick trees are to be removed from the footpath for uninterrupted flow of pedestrian/NMT traffic.
    4. Encroachment within the R/W to be removed by the local body/MCD. The land acquisition issues to be taken up with L & DO by the University Authority.
    5. Space for tree guards are to be provided as per the pedestrian guidelines and if not provided, the same should be identified and either to be deducted from the contractor’s bill or to be rectified by them.A joint inspection will be made by Dr.Khandal, Director-SRIIR, Delhi/ alongwith Eng-in-Chief-MCD to assess the situation/identify trees on Chhattra Marg.
    6. Eng-in-Chief –MCD in consultation with University Authorities shallidentify some space to be designated as parking area before the Traffic Police takes action against the parking on the main roads.The unauthorized parking on the main roads to be discouraged.
    7. The cycle rental service earlier explained in the meeting, as agreed by the Vice-Chancellor, Delhi University, to be taken up as a Pilot scheme in the university area.
    8. Decision:
      The modified plan wasapprovedby the Governing Bodywith the above observations and direction that Traffic Police will notify the proposed Traffic Management System Plan which will be operational for 3 months & then referred to UTTIPEC before final notification.

    5 Copy of the approved plan:
    6 For additional details University Engineer,
    University of Delhi, Delhi-110007.
    Phone: 011- 27667157