Project 15-Construction of RUB at level crossing adjacent to Roshnara Garden

    1 Name of the Project Construction of RUB at level crossing adjacent to Roshnara Garden
    2 Name of the Agency Municipal Corporation of Delhi
    3 Consultants: M/s Park Projects ConsultantsPvt.LtdNew Delhi
    4 UTTIPEC Processing RUB at Railway level crossing Roshnara Bagh (MCD) was presented in working Group-II Bmeeting dated 13.11.09 with the following observations and decisions: Decision of Working Group
    1. There is acute constraint of space between proposed under-pass and the 'T' intersection, which does not allow a full proof solution for the traffic particularly the pedestrian/non-motorized traffic and the right turning movements on the intersection. The proposed solution is a compromise under the pressing circumstances when project authorities have decided to go ahead with the proposal.
    2. The consultant was requested to work out in detail, the alternative proposal by considering 30mt.road at both 'U' loop locations with the recommendations at (v) of observations part.
    3. Project Manager agreed to modify the proposal on the above lines and submit the appropriate drawings to UTTIPEC so that the same can be placed before the next Governing Body Meeting for its consideration.

    Decision of Governing Body
    The Governing Body in its meeting dated 23.12.2009 approved the scheme with the observations of WG-II-B and desired that before releasing the scheme, it may be seen by EM, DDA/Chairman WG-II-B.

    5 Copy of the approved plan:
    6 For additional details Executive Engineer
    (Pr.) CLZ, MCD,
    Sindhora Kalan,
    Shakti Nagar,
    Delhi -110007.