Project-14-Transportation & Circulation Plan for Re-development of ISBT at Sarai Kale Khan

    1 Name of the Project Transportation & Circulation Plan for Re-development of ISBT at Sarai Kale Khan,
    2 Name of the Agency DIMTS
    3. Consultants: Sikka Associates Architect
    Project Scheduled a)Likely to be started by December, 2010
    b)Likely to be completed by June, 2013
    5 UTTIPEC Processing
    1. The project of DIMTS was considered by UTTIPEC Working Group II-A in its meeting dt. 30.12.09 and the proposal was recommended for consideration and Approval by the UTTIPEC Governing Body with the following decisions/ observations :-
      1. DIMTS informed that, the scheme has been shown to the Sr. Divisional Manager, Railways and he has okayed it from Railways point of view.It was decided that the plan alongwith the decision of the Working Group may be sent to Sr. Divisional Manager, Railway, for information.
      2. A traffic signal to regulate entry of heavy and light traffic towards Siddharth Enclave be made in the circulation plan on the Ring Road with provision of appropriate road marking and signages.
      3. DIMTS confirmed the traffic data used for comparision of traffic data related to ISBT at Sarai Kale Khan, Kashmere Gate and Anand Vihar.
      4. The vacant space in three pockets - with transport department, Slum & JJ department (MCD) measuring about 12,000 sq.m. beused for circulation, road widening and provision of NMT facilities.
      5. The link road connecting Ring Road with Nizamuddin Railway Station which is at presently about 33 m.; may be widened to 45 m. taking the land from Millanium park side and partly from Government land with transport department, MCD as stated above.The modified alignment of the road be incorporated in the layout plan.
      6. The descending slope of the ramp from ISBT side which is 1:28 and the ascending slope of the ramp connecting Ring Road with a slope of 1:30 was discussed.It was suggested that the ramps may be smoothened if more land is aquired for construction of the ramp from Ring Road.It was submitted by DIMTS that due to site constraints length for the ramp with 1:28 slope is only availabe with a clear height of 5.5m for the under pass below the Ring road. It was also suggested that a circular curve with transiition curve be introduced in the first proposal along with necessary gradients as against irregular curve with sharp turnings.
      7. Adequate lane marking and road signages be provided with traffic signals for entry / exit of the vehicles from Ring Road.
      8. Traffic signal be provided at the Y junction of elevated corridor with Ring road to regulate the traffic destined to the CNG station.
      9. Provision of slow moving traffic i.e.cyclists, etc. be incorporated in the circulation on the Ring road
      10. The shifting of the existing CNG station & IDRT from the present locations were strongly felt to enhance the mobility and conflict free movement in long run. The land so vacated be considered for improved circulation / parking purpose.
      11. All required statutory clearances to be obtainned by DIMTS.
      12. The land acquisition issues related to the scheme are to be taken up by DIMTS with concerned land owning agencies
      13. The above observations to be incorporated in the proposal and the modified proposal be submitted with simulation.
      Working Group II-A

      Decision :
      Taking in to consideration various constraints such as site profile, existing elevated corridor under construction, the proposal is still a compromised solution, particularly with regard to presence of CNG station which will impair smooth flow of vehicles to proposed ISBT. The Working Group recommended the modified compromised proposal with above improvements subject to early shifting of CNG station for consideration of the UTTIPEC Governing Body.

    2. UTTIPEC Governing body in its meeting held on 15.1.10 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G., Delhi accorded itsapproval, based on the recommendation and observation/concern of the Working Group meeting with following additional observations:-

    IThe scheme was recommended by WG-IIA in its meeting held on 30.12.09 as a compromised solution with certain observations. The Governing Body approved the scheme with the observations of WG-II A for further action.

    6. Copy of the approved plan:
    7. For additional details Kindly ContactDGM:
    Md. Nasir, DGM, [DIMTS]
    ISBT, Building, Kasmiri Gate
    Delhi – 06, Ph. : 23860456