Project 7- Interim part extended plan of the fly over (under construction) on RTR – ORR intersection between Pashchimi Marg / Sangam Marg, intersection upto almost Vasent Marg intersection

    1 Name of the Project Interim part extended plan of the fly over (under construction) on RTR – ORR intersection between Pashchimi Marg/Sangam Marg, intersection upto almost Vasant Marg intersection.
    2 Name of the Agency Public Works Department, Delhi.
    3 Consultants  
    4 Project Scheduled To be completed by July, 2010.
    5 UTTIPEC Processing

    The modifications proposed by PWD in the project earlier approved by the Technical Committee dt. 3.5.06 was considered by UTTIPEC Working Group II-B meeting dt. 16.3.2009. Working Group recommended following improvements:-

    • "The fly-over under construction under RTR-ORR to be extended above the Pashchimi Marg-Sangam Marg intersections by keeping the same clearance level as at RTR-ORR intersection. This will provide direct entry to Pashchimi Marg & Sangam Marg for the large no. of buses, pedestrians, NMT etc. possibility to ease traffic congestion from RTR Marg towards NH-8 may be examined by proper widening of surface /elevated roads in this segment.
    • The rock below Malai Mandir, which is part of the right of way, may be considered, if required, to be chiseled/removed for providing continuity of service Road & space at surface level for interference free segregated movement.
    • The provision of pedestrian paths & underpases may be ensured.
    • Whisper concrete/Rubberised material & other planning measures be used to help reduce the noise.
    • Traffic Management Plan & Work Zone Management Plans to ease the traffic flow may be worked out/imposed.
    • The other road geometric improvements & traffic management measures discussed in the meeting specifically on RTR- ORR & BJM – ORR junctions and provision of pedestrian, bicyclist facilities in the entire corridor be also appropriately incorporated.
    • PWD to accordingly modify and submit the plans for considerations of the UTTIPEC Governing body on 20.3.09."

    UTTIPEC Governing Body under the Chairmanship of LG, Delhi in its meeting dt. 20.3.2009 approved the improvement plan. The decision is reproduced below:-

    "Project Engineer, PWD made the presentation of improvements in the proposed corridor, as recommended by WG II-B in its meeting on 16.3.09(as given in Annexure ’F’). Sh. Kailash Vasdev & Sh. Sudhir Vohra highlighted the views of various RWAs. After hearing the views of Traffic Police, Chairman-NDMC,E.M. DDA & others, the Governing Body approved the improvement plan together with the observations of WG-IIB. The Governing Body specifically desired Project Engineer to ensure provision of adequate pedestrian facilities, continuity of proper service roads and interference free movement of local traffic. He was also directed to examine the feasibility of using the space below the flyover to the maximum extent. Project Engineer, PWD was asked to submit the integrated modified proposal to UTTIPEC for release & for uploading on UTTIPEC web-site."

    The interim plan for extending the fly-over (under construction on RTR-ORR) above the Pashchimi Marg/Sangam Marg intersection by keeping the same clearance level as at RTR-ORR intersection as per the approval given by the Governing Body to be taken up by the PWD subject to the condition that the integrated plan for the entire Outer Ring Road corridor from IIT gate to NH-8/B.J. Marg to be submitted separately by PWD as per the above observation/recommendation of WG II-B (Para 5(a) and UTTIPEC Governing Body decision.(Para 5(b).

    6 Location Map  
    7 Copy of the approved plan  
    8 Issue under process The rock below Malai Mandir to be chiselled/removed in consultation with various stakeholders and experts.
    9 For additional details Sh. Umesh Mishra
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