Project 1- Proposal of Link Road connecting Press Enclave road with Outer Ring Road

    1 Name of the Project Proposal of Link Road connecting Press Enclave road with Outer Ring Road
    2 Name of the Agency DelhiIntegrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited (DIMTS), Government of Delhi
    3 Consultants Craphts Consultants (I) Pvt. Ltd.
    14/3, Mathura Road, Faridabad
    Ph. 95129-2278813, 2275948
    4 Project Scheduled a)Likely to be started by March, 2009
    b)Likely to be completed by June, 2010
    5 UTTIPEC Processing

    The project of DIMTS was considered by UTTIPEC Working Group II-B in its meeting dt. 20.11.08

    Working Group recommended the project for approval with following concerns/observations.

    • The traffic speed, as expected to be 40 Km./h, on the interference-free down ramp may not be correct, especially during lean period.
    • The weaving length of 150 meters may cause congestion during the peak hour on Outer ring road and may create unsafe conditions during the lean period.
    • At the point of merger of ramp loop with the outer ring road the available carriage way space of 10mts may not be adequate to accommodate through traffic comprising of public transport, personalized vehicles and non motorized vehicles.
    • The proposed new link road is likely to have additional induced traffic which has not been accounted for in traffic projections.
    • The proposed link road including theramp loop may attract publicopiniondue to shift in function of the existing internal colony road to local area link.
    • DIMTS shall interact with the local residents to convince them about the benefits of the proposal before implementing the project.
    • All road geometrics and engineering design parameters are to be ensured by DIMTS as per norms.

    UTTIPEC Governing Body in its meeting held on 21.11.08 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G, Delhiaccorded itsapproval in principle, based on the recommendation and observation/concern of the Working Group meeting.

    6 Location Map  
    7 Copy of the approved plan  
    8 Issue under process  
    9 For additional details Kindly Contact:
    D.G.M.(Engineering), DIMTS
    2ndFloor, ISBT,Kashmere Gate
    Ph. No. 43090100