Project 42- Approved proposal of Cycle Sharing Plan/NMT Plan for Dwarka

    (1) Name of Project Cycle Sharing Plan/NMT Plan for Dwarka  
    (2) Name of the Agency DDA
    (3) UTTPEC Processing

    The proposal was discussed in 51st  Governing Body meeting of the UTTIPEC was held on 29.05.2015 under the Chairmanship of the Hon’ble L.G. of Delhi in which the Governing Body approved the proposal Cycle Sharing Plan/NMT Plan for Dwarka

    In the 45th Governing Body meeting held on 22.11.2013, it was decided that DDA will take up the project of cycle sharing for the sub-city of Dwarka. Thereafter, DDA with the assistance of Centre for Green Mobility (CGM) conducted detailed surveys in Dwarka and consultations with operators (from all over the country) for this project. Based on the feedback received at various meetings/ consultations/ media reports, it was felt that the provision of NMV lanes is essential to provide safe cycling scheme facility to Dwarka residents especially children. Thereafter, DDA signed another MoU with CGM to get technical assistance for making NMV lanes in Dwarka. CGM conducted detailed surveys of existing infrastructure of Dwarka and presented Analysis and Proposal. Accordingly, a detailed study for cycle sharing and creation of NMV lanes in Dwarka was prepared and presented before this Working Group meeting of UTTIPEC held on 29.04.2015.


    Observations of Governing Body:
    As recommended by the Working Group above, it was decided that NMT Cell would be set up in UTTIPEC for which Project Management Consultant (PMC) or a team of experts/ consultants to be engaged by UTTIPEC for day today working of NMT Cell.

    The Technical support of staff shall be provided by the DDA/ Authority. Structure of the NMT cell to be put up for approval to Authority.

    Governing Body approved the proposal of Cycle Sharing System- NMV Lanes for Dwarka Sub-City with above observations and to be placed before Authority.  
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    (5) File No. F10(28)2012/UTTIPEC  
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    (7) Additional Details Sh. D. P. Singh Chief  Engineer (Dwarka), DDA Ph No.: 25035415 Mob.: 9810212084 Email ID: