Functions of Traffic & Transportation Centre

  • To compile a manual based on hand books/best practices/Traffic Transportation Planning & Engineering norms for uniform adoption in NCT Delhi.
  •  To digitize the available Traffic & Transportation plans.
  •  To develop a comprehensive integrated programme for traffic & transportation projects.
  •  To coordinate integrated development of traffic & transportation projects including Integrated Freight Complex (IFC), Metropolitan Passenger Terminal (MPT), Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) by involving concerned local bodies.
  •  To coordinate refurbishment of urban corridors for capacity augmentation with focus on small improvements and retrofitting measures that synergize into zero defect roads and relieving traffic congestion.
  •  All transportation projects/transport Engineering solutions in Delhi by any agency having road Engineering/Infrastructure implication would require clearance of the centre. This would ensure that latest technology and research finding support is available to all new roads & projects.
  •  The Technical support of staff and secretarial assistance to this centre shall be provided by the Authority.