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Project 9- Proposal for Comprehensive Development of Corridor (on Ring Road) between Azadpur to Prembari Pul


Name of the Project:

Proposal for Comprehensive Development of Corridor (on Ring Road) between Azadpur  to Prembari Pul


Name of the Agency

PWD, Govt of NCT,Delhi



Consulting Engineers Group Ltd.,
207-208, DDA Local Shopping Complex
Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018
Ph. 28542899, 9313752011


Project Scheduled:

a)     Likely to be started by December, 2010.

b)     Likely to be completed by June, 2013.


UTTIPEC Processing:

a)     The project of PWD was considered by UTTIPEC Working Group IIB in its meeting dt.16.03.09. and the proposal was recommended for consideration & approval by the UTTIPEC Governing Body with the following decisions / observations :-

  • As far as possible the continuity of interference–free footpaths and cycle tracks at intersections be shown.
  • Traffic management plan/circulation plan for an area of around 1 km. along the both sides of ORR be prepared. Free left turn may be avoided at the intersections, even in case of signalized crossing.
  • Slip roads and service roads wherever feasible, may be provided
  • Width of service road, including footpath, may be at least 7.5 meters.
  • Provisions for segregated lanes and facilities for public transport system, including bus shops, be ensured.
  • Traffic signals be shown at all intersections with provision for separate signal phase for cars, buses, NMT. Signal timings be calculated as per the traffic projections.
  • Location of signage be shown in the plans.
  • The details of effected structures and  trees /bushes be given in the feasibility format.
  • Right of Way line of all roads as per the Master Plan / Zonal Development Plan  be shown in the plan. Proposed Right of way(ROW) of Ring Road  to be shown  as 63.5mt.(200 ft.) in bold chain line.
  • A traffic management plan and a work zone Management plan during the construction period be prepared.
  • The existing under-pass proposal on the Prembaripul side and the proposed Azad Pur flyover/intersection plan  be properly integrated with the proposed corridor plan so as to ensure interference free movement of pedestrians and cyclists.       
  • Feasibility report should clearly indicate the location, area, type of affected structures and disputed land/land under stay etc. on the plan/and also in the form of a report which is to be presented before the Governing Body meeting on 20.3.2009.

b)     UTTIPEC Governing body in its meeting held on 20.3.09 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G, Delhi  accorded its  approval, based on the recommendation and observation/concern of the working group meeting  with following additional observations:-

                    i.            Project must consider clear 11 mtr. elevated road instead of 9 mtr.

                   ii.            The need of pedestrians, bus passengers &cyclists be also ensured in micro details, based on input of UTTIPEC core team.

                 iii.            To meet the requirement of proper merging & de – merging, length, additional load reservations be made (more than the proposed right of way) at key intersections in the LOP/ZDP/MP.

                iv.            The traffic management / work zone management plan during construction be prepared in consultation with Traffic Police for the influence area of about 1 k.m, on either side of the road.

                  v.            Immediately on receipt of the integrated  proposal from PWD,GNCTD, with improvements, the same be uploaded on UTTIPEC web site for information of all concerned.


 Locatopn Map



Copy of the approved plans:

 PLAN-sheet1, PLAN-sheet2, PLAN-sheet3, PLAN-sheet4


For additional details:

Kindly contact Project Manager (Flyover project- circle F-13), PWD, Mukarba Chowk, Delhi
Ph: 27691871, Mob: 9818180952.


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