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Project 21-Intersection Design & Widening proposal for Poorvi Marg - Outer Ring Road intersection.


Name of project

Intersection Design & Widening proposal for Poorvi Marg - Outer Ring Road intersection.


Name of Agency





UTTIPEC Processing


The proposal of widening the Poorvi Marg by partly covering the drain was agreed in principle by the Governing Body meeting held on 10.6.2011.  The detailed proposal worked out by PWD with 2 alternatives i.e. 7 m wide C/W and 9m C/W on both sides of the central verges were discussed in the Core Group meeting on 9.11.2011 and subsequently in the WG II B on 2.12.11.



The Consultant explained that all required provisions are being proposed for safe     pedestrian, NMT and vehicular movement at this intersection and the widening of the carriage way on Poorvi Marg will enhance the smooth entry to Vasant Vihar Complex.  

Following two alternative proposals were presented:-

i)     First alternative i.e. improvement with 7m C/W will partially affect the temple   structure presently encroaching the footpath.

ii)   Second alternative i.e. development of 9 m C/W on either side of the central verge, will affect the existing temple within the premises of MCD office, if the R/W of 24 m Zonal Plan proposal is maintained.  Apart from this, DDA land of 135 sqm. will be required for widening on the opposite side of existing MCD office.



i)             Chairman WG-II-B suggested PWD to obtain the NOC in writing from MCD.

ii)           The officers of PWD submitted that MCD has agreed to shift the temple for widening of the road. 

iii)          The representative of Vasant Vihar Residents Welfare Association present in the meeting agreed with the provision of 9m C/W.

iv)          It was agreed to maintain the 24m R/W. For a better circulation system at the intersection , 9m carriage way on either side of the central verge shall be provided with signalized slip roads for better clearance of the left turning traffic  and safe pedestrian crossing 


      Working Group-IIB recommended the Intersection Design proposal of PWD with 9m and carriage way (24m R/W) for consideration of the Governing Body with the condition that PWD will obtain NOC from MCD for shifting of temple within its premise.




       As recommended by the Working Group, 34th UTTIPEC Governing Body meeting held on 20.1.2012 approved the proposal with above observations and following directions:-

i)      DDA land of about 135 sq mt of land under ’Park’ falling within the 24 mt r/w to be handed over to PWD immediately.

ii)     PWD to implement the proposal by July,’12 or before the onset of monsoon, whichever is earlier as agreed by the Pr. Secy. (PWD).



Copy of the  proposal

Click here



File No.

F6 (10)09/UTTIPEC/Vol.II



Date of uploading on website




 For additional details Contact


Executive Engineer Flyover Project Divn.F-112, Rao Tula Ram Marg Opp. Kendriya Vidyalaya , New Delhi-110021 Ph.No.24112048


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