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Project-50:Feasibility of 3rd and 4th connectivity of Redevelopment of East Kidwai Nagar towards Barapullah Phase-II corridor PWD & NBCC.


Name of Project

Feasibility of 3rd and 4th connectivity of Redevelopment of East Kidwai Nagar towards Barapullah Phase-II. [F.1(63)2012/UTTIPEC/Vol-l]


Name of the Agency

NBCC (India) Limited



M/s RITES Ltd.


Copy of Proposal /Presentation

 Conceptual Plan including access 3and 4 with pedestrian facility


UTTPEC Processing

Presented in the 39th meeting of the Working Group-II-A UTTIPEC meeting (Processing & Evaluation of New Projects), held under the Chairmanship of Engineer Member, DDA on 07.02.2017.

The major issues related to safe pedestrian crossing at T- Intersection of Aurobindo Marg and BBSB Setu were identified during the safety audit and mitigation measures have been incorporated in the proposal.  Subsequently, Three alternative options were presented by NBCC along with their consultant, which are described as follows:


Alternative 1:


Two Foot over Bridges (FOB) have been proposed at two locations i.e.  one FOB across BBSB Setu connecting East Kidwai Nagar with KashmereHaat and another FOB across Aurobindo Marg connecting East Kidwai Nagar with Delhi Haat. This alternative was not recommended since both FOBs require minimum height of 12-15 meters to maintain the vertical clearance of 5.5 m free above roadway.


Alternative 2:


Two Pedestrian subways are proposed at two locations (similar to Alternative 1). The subway across BBSB Setu was not recommended since minimum depth required for subway is 15 m (due to existing underground metro station). Subway across Aurobindo marg has been explored in the study.


Alternative 3:


At-grade signalized pedestrian crossing (raised) with proper road signages and markings has been proposed across BBSB Setu at the Intersection of Aurobindo Marg and BBSB Setu.

As per the simulation results, NBCC proposed at-grade signalized pedestrian crossing in the initial stages with cycle time of 90 seconds till 2021, and 120 seconds till 2024. Pedestrian grade separated (subway) crossing across Aurobindo Marg has been proposed beyond 2024.




The observations of the Working Group are as follows:

i.     The Working Group raised concerns regarding the proposal given by the NBCC i.e. provision of At-grade crossing at initial stage and Subway (across Aurobindo marg) in the later stage (2024) due to the fact that it will not solve the issue of safe pedestrian crossing at T-Intersection of Aurobindo Marg & BBSB Setu.

  ii.   Subway/FOB is not recommended across BBSB setu due to 12m-15m height and 15m depth requirement.  Therefore, subway across Aurobindo marg can be explored keeping in view the high pedestrian movement.

  iii.      The concern regarding safe at-grade pedestrian crossing was raised by Delhi Traffic Police. Delhi Traffic Police conveyed that the adjoining areas such as Delhi Haat, INA Market, INA metro stations attract large pedestrian volume which requires grade separated pedestrian crossings like FOBs/ Subway to minimize pedestrian fatalities and vehicle delays.

 iv.      It was also observed that redevelopment of East Kidwai Nagar will accommodate a huge population (22,500 persons as intimated by NBCC) and will generate large number of pedestrian trips. This will further aggravate the traffic scenario in the adjoining areas especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

 v.    The subway design should incorporate universal accessibility including cyclists.




Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended Alternative-3 proposal (at-grade signalized pedestrian crossing across BBSB setu) for consideration of Governing Body, along with the subway (across Aurobindo marg) at the initial stage of the project development. NBCC is to submit the modified proposal, in co-ordination with PWD, DMRC, Delhi Traffic Police and other stakeholders.



Observations of The 54thGoverning Body dated 22.06.2017:


PWD, GNCTD and Delhi Traffic Police were of the opinion that the proposed at-grade signalized pedestrian crossing at the bottom of the ramp of the proposed Barapullah flyover will defeat the objective of signal free vehicular movement and will also compromise with the pedestrian safety. Accordingly, Governing Body disagreed with the proposed at-grade signalized pedestrian crossing and approved the proposed pedestrian subway for crossing Aurobindo Marg.

 Decision of The 54thGoverning Body dated 22.06.2017:

Based on the above observations, the proposal of proposed pedestrian subway for crossing Aurobindo Marg with proper integration was approved.


Date of Uploading the project




Additional Details

General Manger(Engg.)

ITPO Project Division,


Govt. of India Enterprises,

Project Office,Kidwai Nagar (East),

Aurobindo Marg,Near INA Metro Station,

New Delhi-110023, Tel: 011-24620630

Email id- sbg.ekn@nbcc.com

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