Project 79 Preparation of Proposal for Walkability Plan for HauzKhas - IIT Delhi (Archive)


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    Preparation of Proposal for Walkability Plan for HauzKhas - IIT Delhi


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    Transaxiom Pvt. Ltd.


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    Proposed Walk Plan for HauzKhas - IIT Delhi

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    UTTIPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in 81st Working Group meeting of UTTIPEC under the chairmanship of Secretary, PWD held on 03.02.2021. The observations and recommendations of the Working Group –IIB meeting are as follows:


    1. It was suggested that uniform level and width of footpath be maintained

    from the crossing of Aurobindo Marg and Outer Ring Road up to the maingate of IIT.

    1.  It was suggested that any blockages to the seamless pedesmovement along the footpath due to dhalaos, dustbins, poles, tress, etc.and needs to be addressed in the Walk Plan.
    2. Improvements in street furniture needs to be assessed and integrated inthe Walk Plan.


    The proposal will be uploaded on UTTIPEC Website for Community Feedback for a period of 30 days after incorporation of above observations along with other recommendations given below.

    General Recommendations:

    On detailed deliberation, Working Group suggested the following guidelines which needs to be incorporated/ addressed by all the Consultants while preparing the Walk Plans:

    1. All the Walk Plans need to be discussed with PWD for integration with PWD's streetscaping proposals, wherever overlapping exists.
    2. The provision for seamless movement of pedestrian and NMT needs to be ensured in the Walk Plans.
    3. A designated space for public utilities to be provided along the footpath and a long term plan for provision of underground utility ducts and trenches shall be proposed.
    4. The provision for street infrastructure, kiosks, public amenities, gas pipelines, etc. wherever required needs to be planned in consultation with Traffic Police, MCD, IGL and PWD
    5. Alternate design interventions like use of grass pavers or brick jaalis in drain coverings and green verge etc. need to be explored
    6. Working Group stressed upon the importance of ensuring safety of pedestrians, especially the vulnerable groups (like differently abled, old people, women, children, etc.) through design interventions
    7. It was suggested to provide controlled access points along footpaths near the junctions to prevent jaywalking, as well as introducing pedestrian traffic signals at crossings with high pedestrian usage.
    8. Arrangements for cycle parking sheds to be explored wherever possible
    9. Consultant to provide cost estimate of the Walk Plan to the Road Owning Agency and Executing Agency (PWD). Also, the agencies need to be identified for implementation of the Walkability Plans so that funds/ budget arrangements can be made by the concerned agencies in advance
    10. Operation and Maintenance (0&M) models for the implementation of proposed public utilities and amenities in the Walk Plans needs to be suggested.
    11. Secretary, PWD suggested the Traffic Police to explore the possibility of using Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) for identifying and penalizing the motorized vehicles driving in cycle lanes/ footpaths, like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).
    12. It was advised to follow a pragmatic approach for provision of low maintenance infrastructure.


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