New Project 67- Improvement of three intersections on AurobindoMarg (AurobindoChowk to AndheriaMor)

    1 Name of Project Improvement of three intersections on AurobindoMarg (AurobindoChowk to AndheriaMor).
    • AurobindoChowk
    • Adchini 'T' point
    • AndheriaMor
    2 Name of the Executing Agency
    • NDMC for AurobindoChowk
    • PWD, GNCTD for Adchini 'T' point and AndheriaMor
    3 Consultant To be hired by executing agencies
    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation Improvement of three intersections on AurobindoMarg (AurobindoChowk to AndheriaMor).
    5 UTTPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in UTTIPEC Working Group-II-B meeting under the Chairmanship of Secretary, PWD on 13.10.2017.  The background, project, details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II-B meeting are as follows:

    Background & Proposal:

    a)A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G. Delhi on 19.01.2017 to review the issue of traffic management in Delhi.  In the meeting it was desired that all departments concerns shall work together for the solution of frequent traffic jam, encroachment of roads / below the flyovers, safety of pedestrians and violation of traffic rules.  Accordingly, Transport Department, Delhi constituted six Task Forces.  Each Task Force comprises of representatives from PWD, Municipal Corporation, DTC, UTTIPEC / DDA, Transport Department and Dy. Commissioner of Delhi Traffic Police (Convener of the Task Force).

    b)A meeting was held to review the progress on removal of encroachment on the five major corridors identified by Task Force for decongestion of traffic on 14.09.2017 at Conference Hall, Raj Niwas in which the traffic engineering solutions of three road intersections on AurobindoMarg (AurobindoChowk to AndheriaMor) i.e. at AurobindoChowk.  Adchini 'T' point and AndheriaMor were presented by UTTIPEC.

    c)As desired by the Chairman Working Group II-B,  a joint inspection by PWD, GNCTD on 06.10.2017 for above three intersections, which is attended by all stake holders (i.e, PWD, NDMC, SDMC, DDA, Traffic Police, etc.)

    d)All three roads geometric improvements proposed here with are conceptual/ schematic (prepared on the base of Google image and by visual inspection). Drawings for the construction are to be prepared by executing agencies.



    •  Delhi Traffic Police suggested to retain the existing road median at AurobindoMarg arm towards INA.

    b) Adchini 'T' point:

    •  PWD informed thatrequest for permission for tree cutting at AdchiniT- point (along left turnfrom LadoSaraitoKatwariaSarai) has been made to Forest Department.
    • It was conveyed that SDMC has initiated the process for removal of toilet block at the left turn fromKatwariaSarai to IIT at Adchini T-point.

    c) AndheriaMor:

    • The improvements suggested are within the existing ROW


     Working Group recommended the proposal for uploading on UTTIPEC website for community feedback and accordingly for consideration of the Governing Body. Meanwhile executing agencies (NDMC and PWD) will prepare construction drawings for execution of proposed road geometric improvements.


    6 Date of Uploading the project 16.10.2017
    7 Last date of Feedback  Post Opinion (For General Users)


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