New Project 66 - Traffic Study for Development of Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (ECC), Sector 25, Dwarka

    1 Name of Project Traffic Study for Development of Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (ECC), Sector 25, Dwarka
    2 Name of the Agency Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC)


    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation (i) Presentation
    (ii) Proposal Option-3(Recommended)
    5 UTTPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in UTTIPEC Working Group-II A meeting under the Chairmanship of Engineer Member, DDA on 08.08.2017 and 03.10.2017.  The background, proposal details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II A meeting are as follows:


    Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC) is the implementing agency for the Project Development of Exhibition–cum–Convention Centre (ECC) at Sector 25,Dwarka, south western part of Delhi.


    The proposal was presented by General Manager, DMICDC. Based on the forecasted traffic volumes including the additional traffic generated due to proposed ECC Dwarka and other developments, improvement proposals for road links and intersections have been suggested. The recommendations consist of road networkinfrastructure improvementalong with provision for direct metro connectivity by extending Airport Express line from Sector-21, Dwarka to ECC at Sector- 25, Dwarka. Three options werepresentedwith various limitations, demand and available space (RoW).


    • All the observations made during 42nd Working Group- IIA meeting held on 08.08.2017havebeen complied by DMICDC.
    • Option- 1 & 2 proposals consist of partially grade separated improvements around the project site.
    • The option- 3proposal consists of the grade separated movements at the adjoining intersections/ road stretchesfor the through and destined traffic, to ensure smooth flow of traffic in and around ECC along with provision of pedestrian sub-ways.
    • 3D walk through was also demonstratedto show the overall traffic circulation and project site accessibility.


    Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended Option-3 for uploading on UTTIPEC website for community feedback and accordingly for consideration of Governing Body.

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    Additional Details

    General Manager (Project &Technical)
    DMICDC, Room No.341-B,3rd Floor, Hotel Ashok,
    Diplomatic Enclave, 50-B,Chanakyapuri,
    New Delhi-110021.
    Phone: 011- 26118884


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