New Project 64- Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network / Connectivity Plan for corridor on Outer Ring Road.

    1 Name of Project Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network / Connectivity  Plan for corridor on Outer Ring Road
    2 Name of the Agency PWD, GNCTD


    CRAFTS Consultants (I)  Pvt. Ltd., 14/3, Mathura Road, Faridabad
    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation  a)Corridor from Modi Mill Flyover to IIT Gate Savitri Cinema Layout 2 3 4 5 6 & 7 Option-1, Option-2, Option-3, Option-4 (Feasibility Report)

    b)Corridor on Ring Road from Bhairon Marg 'T' Junction to DND intersection. Layout 1,2,3,4 & 5. presentation (Presentation of WG IIB)
         Recommended Option 2 (Sheet-1 & Sheet 2)
    5 UTTPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in UTTIPEC Working Group-II-B meeting under the Chairmanship of Secretary, PWD on 03.05.2017.  The background, project, details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II-B meeting are as follows:

    Background & Proposal
    (a)Corridor from Modi Mill Flyover to IIT Gate

    The study corridor on Outer Ring Road starts from Modi Mill flyover upto IIT Gate intersection with the total length of 7.2 Km.  The right of way of the road is 45m as per approved Zonal Development plan of Zone 'F'.  It has several access points and gives connectivity to Southern Delhi mainly to NH-8 / IGI airport terminal.  Important traffic generation point along the corridor are Kalkaji, Nehru Place, Hauz Khas, CR Park, Greater Kailash, Chirag Delhi, IIT Delhi, etc.

    PWD, GNCTD vide letter dated 06.04.2017 submitted the proposal.  Based on the traffic survey, Chief Project Manager, F-2 & 3, PWD, GNCTD and their consultants presented the various options which are as follows:

    At 'T'-junction of Captain Gaur Marg and Outer Ring Road (Modi Mill 'T' junction)


    Proposed 'two lane-one way' vehicular underpass with 7.5 m. carriageway width for right turning traffic from Captain Gaur Marg to Outer Ring Road (towards Lajpat Nagar side)


    Proposed 'three lane-dual carriageway' grade separator  connecting the existing flyover at Maa Anandmayee Marg 'T'-junction and existing Road over Bridge (RoB) at Modi Mill.


    Proposed 'two lane- dual carriageway' elevated road connecting the existing flyover on Outer Ring Road at 'T'-junction of Captain Gaur Marg connecting existing RoB at Modi Mill Flyover.


    Proposed 'two lane-one way' grade separator with 7.5 m carriageway width from Lajpat Nagar to Modi Mill RoB.
     Out of the four options, PWD, GNCTD proposed the Option-2 above.
     Doubling of Existing Flyover at Savitri Cinema 'T'-junction.


    Proposed 'three lane-one way' grade separator of 9 m carriageway width at Savitri Cinema 'T'-junction on Outer Ring Road for the traffic coming from Chirag Delhi to Modi Mill.

    At Malviya Nagar -Outer Ring Road 'T'-junction.
    Proposed 'three lane-dual carriageway' grade separator of 19.2 m clear width at Malviya Nagar 'T'-junction on Outer Ring Road.

    b) Corridor on Ring Road from Bhairon Marg 'T' Junction to DND intersection.

     The corridor starts from Bhairon Marg Outer Ring Road 'T' point to DND intersection.  The right of way of Ring road is 91.44 as per Zonal Development Plan of Zone 'D'.

     Doubling of existing flyover at Sarai Kale Khan 'T' point.


    Proposed 'three lane-one way flyover' (from Bhairon Marg to DND intersection) of 10 m carriageway width.


    •  It was observed that between the existing Chirag Delhi and Savitri Cinema flyover (Northern side) near LPG gas godown, there is a reduction of carriageway lanes, which is creating bottleneck leading to severe traffic congestion.  It was decided that PWD, GNCTD will take up widening in consultation with other Stakeholders for smooth flow of traffic.
    • The approved multi modal integration of Greater Kailash and Panchsheel Park metro stations needs may be integrated with this project.
    • The doubling of Sarai Kale Khan grade separator will be integrated with NHAI's proposal of NH-24- Ring road 'T'-junction.
    • PWD, GNCTD in consultation with Delhi Traffic Police will make suitable provision of traffic signal phasing and signages to ensure optimum utilization of grade separators for smooth flow of traffic which should be submitted to UTTIPEC.
    • PWD, GNCTD to take necessary clearances from the land owning agencies and stakeholders for the proposed widening, wherever required.
    • Representatives of Delhi Traffic Police (SR) and DMRC agreed with the proposals.

    Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended the proposal of above all four intersection for uploading on UTTIPEC website for community feedback and accordingly for consideration and approval of Governing Body.

    Action: PWD, GNCTD

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