New Project 62- Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network / Connectivity Plan. Sh.-Old Yamuna Bridge to Delhi-UP Border (Apsara Border) and flyover at Shastri Park Junction on GT Road.

    1 Name of Project Integrated Transit Corridor Development  and Street Network / Connectivity Plan. Sh.-Old Yamuna Bridge to Delhi-UP Border (Apsara Border) and flyover at Shastri Park Junction on GT Road
    2 Name of the Agency PWD, GNCTD


    Urban Transport Division, RITES Ltd.

    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation

    Modified Layout Plan1
    Modified Layout Plan2

    5 UTTPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in UTTIPEC Working Group-II-B meeting under the Chairmanship of Secretary, PWD on 08.03.2017.  The background, project, details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II-B meeting are as follows:

    Earlier, following corridors were discussed in UTTIPEC WG-II-B meeting on 3.8.2016.

    a) Study Corridor-I,-From NH-24 Bypass to Old Yamuna Bridge on Pushta Road) (Marginal Bund Road).
    b) Study Corridor – II (Old Yamuna Bridge – Apsara Border on G.T. Road).

     Working Group dated 03.08.2016 had already recommended the alternative 4 of study corridor I, mentioned above, for consideration of the Governing Body.


    Study Corridor – II (Old Yamuna Bridge – Apsara Border on G.T. Road)

    The Right of Way (RoW) of the corridor is 45 m as per Zonal Development Plan Zone 'E'.  The length of the corridor is 7 km.  Chief Project Manager, F-2, PWD and their consultant RITES presented the following two alternatives of the segment between Eastern Approach Road (Shastri Park intersection) road upto Seelampur Chowk:

    a)Alternative 1: Additional 2 Lane One way.
    b)Alternative 2 (Recommended): Additional 2 Lane One Way flyover at Seelampur 'T' point extended upto Eastern Approach Road and a flyover with 6 lane-2 way divided carriage way with proposed elevated loop-1 & 2 for signal free traffic movement.


    • Seelampur 'T' point should be improved  by providing smooth left turn from G.T. road to Jaffrabad Road and from Jaffarabad Road to GT road (towards Shahdara side).
    • It was noted that the loop will tend to expand capacity for motorized transport.  However, a proper system of signaling & signages will be essential.  The PWD & Traffic Police will make suitable provision for signal phasing & signages to ensure optimum utilization of loops and smooth flow of the traffic .
    • PWD will widen the Marginal Bund road from Shastri Park junction to proposed loop to cater the expected traffic volume.
    • The widening of the existing underpass crossing GT road near Shastri Park intersection to be done.  PWD had already provided the same by widening it by 3 mt in their proposal/drawings.
    • Two 'U' turns below the proposed Seelampur flyover, on    G.T. Road should be proposed with standard clear height to decongest the T junction below the Seelampur 'T' point.
    • PWD, GNCTD will integrate the other proposal from Shastri Park intersection upto Khajuri Khas intersection incorporating the proposed cross section and other details at Shastri Park - G.T. Road junction.


    Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended the proposal for uploading on UTTIPEC website for community feedback and accordingly, for consideration of the Governing Body.


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