Project 61 Integrated Transit Corridor development and street Network Connectivity Plan for all intersections and mid sections based on traffic and feasibility studies for the corridor network of Pragati Maidan- ITPO Area .

    1 Name of Project Integrated Transit Corridor development and street Network/Connectivity Plan for the corridor/influence zone along with detailed design of all intersections and mid sections based on traffic and feasibility studies for the corridor/network (Pragati Maidan):
    •   From 'W' Point on Mathura road to Bhairon Marg Intersection
    •   Bhairon Marg
    •   From Bhairon Marg Ring Road intersection to ITO Flyover
    •   New Link from Ring Road to Pustha road through a bridge across Yamuna

    Connectivity of Mathura road to Ring Road through underground tunnel below ITPO area
    2 Name of the Agency PWD, GNCTD
    3 Consultant VKS Infratech Management Pvt. Ltd.
    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation Copy of Report
    Copy of Presentation
    Proposal: Alternative-I, Alternative-II, Alternative-III (Recommended)
    5 UTTPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in UTTIPEC 41stWorking Group-II-A meeting under the Chairmanship of Engineer Member, DDA on 02.05.2017.  The background, project, details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II-A meeting are as follows

    Background & Proposal

    1. The Proposal was discussed in the 40th UTTIPEC Working Group meeting held on 05.04.2017 wherein based on certain observations Working Group recommended the following:


    •  PWD to present the micro-simulation based on the proposed traffic volume of all the options for presentation in next Working Group-II-A meeting under the chairmanship of EM, DDA on 02.05.2017 at 12.30 PM at Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi

    PWD will provide copy of the proposal along with traffic study to Delhi Traffic Police for their

    • examination & observations before the next WG-II-A meeting on 02.05.2017.

    2.The proposal was presented by Chief Project Manager, F-2 & 3, PWD, GNCTD and their consultants. As

    recommended in the 40th UTTIPEC Working Group-II-A meeting, the consultant has shown the micro-simulation study based on the proposed traffic volume.


    • PWD, GNCTD and their consultant presented the micro simulation based on the recommendation of Working Group meeting held on 05.04.2017. In the micro simulation, PWD, GNCTD and their consultant presented and mentioned that four congestion points. i.e., 'T' point junction with Purana Qila road and C-Hexagon, 'T' point junction with Shershah road and Mathura road,'T' point junction with Subramanyam Marg and Mathura road, 'T' point junction with Bhairon Marg and Mathura road have been identified and accordingly necessary geometric improvements have been incorporated in the proposal for the smooth flow of traffic in and around pragatiMaidan and its influence Zone area.
    • It was observed that as per the recommendation of Working Group-II A meeting held on 05.04.2017, PWD, GNTCD to take necessary observations from Delhi Traffic Police. Chief Project Manager, F-2 & 3, PWD intimated that PWD had already convened meetings with Delhi Traffic Police and other security agencies and their concerns have been addressed in the proposal.
    • Conservator of Forest, GNCTD raised the issue of re-plantation of trees due to the re-development of ITPO / PragatiMaidan. Chief Project Manager, F-2 & 3, PWD conveyed that regarding re-plantation of trees with respect to transportation proposal around ITPO / PragatiMaidan, a separate letter to be issued by PWD to Forest Department for necessary clearance.
    •  Prof. A.K. Maitra, (Environmentalist) mentioned that the proposal of re-development of PragatiMaidan will generate more traffic in already congested surrounding roads which will make the traffic & environment worse. PWD, GNCTD & their consultant mentioned that the traffic improvement proposals will take care of the existing and future traffic problems as DMRC Phase-III and Barapullah Phase-III proposed corridors will cater to some of the sub-regional traffic around this area. PWD, GNCTD conveyed that during event time/peak time additional parking demand will be met by ITPO parking itself.


    Based on above observations, Working Group recommended that the proposal be uploaded on UTTIPEC website for 'community feedback' for duration of 30 days and accordingly recommended the proposal for consideration of the Governing Body.


    6 Date of Uploading the project


    7 Last date of Feedback


    8 Additional Details Executive Engineer,

    ITPO Project Division, PWD, GNCTD,
    IBL, Near Gate No.2,
    Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


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