New Project 58 for Community feedback:Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network/ Connectivity Plan for Najafgarh area

    1 Name of Project Integrated Transit Corridor Development  and Street Network/ Connectivity Plan for Najafgarh area (Short term proposal). [F.5(68)2015/UTTIPEC]
    2 Name of the Agency PWD, GNCTD
    3 Consultant Craphts Consultant (I) Pvt. Ltd.
    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation Click­ here:(Short term proposal)
    5 UTTPEC Processing

    The project was discussed in UTTIPEC Working Group-II-B meeting under the Chairmanship of Secretary, PWD on 02.12.2016.  The background, project, details, observations, recommendations of Working Group-II-B meeting are as follows:

    Background & Proposal   

    The proposal was presented by Chief Project Manager, F-5, PWD, GNCTD in which it was presented that the core Najafgarh area is encompassed by a Ring Road (Phirni) joined by five major roads namely, Najafgarh road, Kapashera road, Dhansa road, Bahadurgarh road and Nangloi road.  It is also encompassed by a large network of narrow streets which act as thorough fares largely for the non-motorized traffic.  Convergence of five external radial roads with the central ring results in five major intersections which have not been developed properly.

    Najafgarh being a town in itself has significant volume of internally commuting traffic along with a considerable volume of regional traffic, especially commercial vehicles, traversing through it.  Due to this, the central ring of the Najafgarh road network system i.e. Gaushala road and Thana road commonly known as Najafgarh Phirni, experiences frequent traffic chaos.  Absence of adequate foot path, encroachment of existing foot path and rampant on-street parking results in high levels of conflict.

    The traffic comprising variety of modes ranging from non-motorized transport consisting of cycle rickshaws and e-rickshaws to motorized transport including commercial vehicles are forced to share narrow roads resulting in traffic congestion.  Inadequate available widths in Phirni, encroachments etc. have made the traffic movement very chaotic and unsafe.


    • Chief Project Manager, F-5, PWD, presented short term improvement option in which it is proposed to improve the roads geometry within the core area i.e. Najafgarh Phirni Road.
    • In order to have one way movement to function efficiently, the temporary median existing in Phirni, which is causing confusion to commuters, should be removed and channelizing islands need to be provided at all the junctions formed with the radial roads.
    • Standard cross section as per UTTIPEC Street Design Guidelines incorporating the pedestrian pathway NMV lane with the removal of the temporary encroachment on the existing Phirni road is proposed in this short term improvement plan.


    • Representatives of Delhi Traffic Police mentioned that presently one way circulation on the Phirni road around Najafgarh area is being implemented in which the central verge are not removed.
    • Traffic signages as per IRC code to be  planned  in the proposal.


    Working Group suggested that if expansion of RoW is not possible, creation of separate dedicated spaces for MT, NMT and pedestrian will be akin to BRT experiment and worsen the traffic condition.  In such situation, Working Group suggested that PWD should work out a practically feasible solution which provides walking path for pedestrians, removes median in case of one way traffic etc. in improving traffic flow.  Such situation be shared with public through website of UTTIPEC and also public representatives, stakeholders for feedback.

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    Sh. Bans Raj, Executive Engineer, PWD, FPD F-51, Bharon Road, T- junction, Near Pragati Power Station, New Delhi-110002.
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