Project- 56 Construction of Tunnel near Meer Vihar, Bhagya Vihar along UER-II.

    1 Name of Project Construction of Tunnel near Meer Vihar, Bhagya Vihar along UER-II.
    2 Name of the Agency Executive Engineer (Rohini),Rohini Project DivisionNo.5 DDA,
    3 UTTPEC Processing

    Background & Proposal   

    Engineering Department, Rohini, DDA vide letter dated 23.05.2016 to UTTIPEC submitted the proposal of 'Construction of tunnel near Meer Vihar, Bhagya Vihar along UER-II'.  The project includes two tunnels of 2 Km length each with 3 lanes of 10.5m carriageway with walkways at each side of the tunnel for emergency purposes. The total length of the proposal with tunnel and ramp is 3.7Km.  The minimum height above the walkway is 2.3m and minimum vertical clearance above the pavement is 5.5 m.  The tunnel is ventilated by means of jet fans.  The proposed tunnel is at the depth of 15m below the ground level. 

    As per the recommendation of WG-II-A meeting dated 25.5.2016, the proposal was presented in this WG-II- A meeting on 15.6.2016


    1. The observations made in the last WG-II-A meeting held on 25.5.2016 were discussed and consultant presented the same in this WG-II-A meeting on 15.6.2016, which are as follows:-
    • DMRC was contacted and confirmed that at present there is no proposal of Metro line in this area.  However, a written statement from DMRC to Engineering Deptt., DDA is required in this regard.
    • In the last Working Group meeting, it was observed that the proposal should  also include the utilization & management of vacant  land which will remain unutilized at surface level.In view of the above, consultant mentioned that the cut & cover portion of the tunnel shall be used for Landscaping which will be designed by Landscape Department of DDA.  Chief Engineer (Rohini) to co-ordinate with Landscape Deptt., DDA in this regard.
    • Working Group directed that since it is a populated area, the proposal should include the connectivity of pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the surface level from the adjacent area.  This needs to be integrated in the proposal how local traffic is merging along the tunnel and in UER.  Consultant to prepare the proposal accordingly for the next meeting.

                2. Proposal to be submitted as per UTTIPEC format for submission, which is available on UTTIPEC website i.e.

     Based on the above observations, Working Group in-principle recommended the proposal subject to approval of alignment plan of UER-II (from Kanjhawala road to NH-10) and the study of  Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the tunnel proposal.
    4 Copy of approved plan Click here
    5 File No. F.5(32)2010/UTTIPEC/Vol.I
    6 Date of Uploading the project


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    8 Additional Details

    Executive Engineer (Rohini),
    Rohini Project DivisionNo.5, DDA,
    Deepali Chowk, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi-85
    Email id-


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