New Project- 53 for Community Feedback: Pre feasibility study for the corridor study for UER-II from Kanjhawala Road to NH-10

    1 Name of Project Pre feasibility study for the  corridor study for UER-II from Kanjhawala Road   to NH-10”
    2 Name of the Agency DDA
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    Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) (DIMTS)

    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation UER II Kanjhawla Road to NH10
    5 UTTPEC Processing Background:    The  proposal  of alignment of UER – II from Kanjhawala Road to NH-10 was discussed in  31st meeting of Working Group II – A with  approval of 2 km. tunnel beneath settlements  following the approved alignment of MPD-2021.  The  proposal was recommended for consideration of the  Governing Body. However, the proposal was withdrawn from the 52nd Governing Body held on 13.1.2016.  The  stretch from  Kanjhawala Road  to NH-10 is part of UER-II   and acts as a missing link from already constructed portion of UER-II on Northern side of Kanjhawala Road and Southern side NH-10. Therefore, this stretch   was again discussed in 33rd Working Group  II A meeting to  provide seamless connectivity of the  UER-II.

    Proposal: Consultant proposed three options with minimal demolition. Option – 1 proposes  a new alignment beyond the settlements of Madanpur Dabas Ranikhera, and Ekta Vihar which deviating from the earlier approved alignment of UER-II.  Option – 2 proposes widening of a  new alignment along existing road to Madanpur Dabas. Option – 3 proposes a 2 km. long tunnel beneath the affected structures  following the approved alignment of  UER-II.  Consultants provided details of properties affected and a comparative analysis of the three  option from the perspective of construction cost.

    It was observed by the Working Group II A  that new alignment will require fresh acquisition of land which will be tedious and time consuming as per the new Land Acquisition Act-2014. Also, it will  add to the project cost.  Therefore it was  unanimously agreed that already approved alignment of UER- II in MPD-2021   shall be followed. Option – 3 with 2 km long tunnel was observed to be most appropriate under the given circumstances.    It was observed that adequate measures have to be taken for ventilation of 2 km. long tunnel. Consultants appraised that there are existing local roads within these settlements  which may be considered  for providing  air shafts and skylights with safety and security. Consultants were requested to highlight the current status of stretch of UER – II beyond Kanjhawala Road and NH-10 so that a proposal is understood holistically. At NH-10 integration, a grade separator option was recommended.

    Decision: Working Group II A agreed to alignment  with  tunnel road of 2 km. beneath the affected structures following the approved alignment of UER-II  and recommended for consideration of the Governing Body   with videography, adequate  3D animation and site pictures, detail of structures being saved due to tunneling.
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