New Project- 52 for Community Feedback: Road under bridge (RUB) at Holambi Kalan, UER-II at Delhi Karnal Railway line

    1 Name of Project Road under bridge (RUB) at Holambi Kalan, UER-II at Delhi Karnal Railway line 

    2 Name of the Agency DDA
    3 Consultant Rail India Technical & Economic Service (RITES)
    4 Copy of Proposal /Presentation Holambikalan_Working Group
    5 UTTPEC Processing Background: The  project of connecting UER-II across  Delhi Karnal Railway  track was approved  by 44th Governing  Body with a provision of ROB.  The entire feasibility was taken up by consultant DIMTS. Core Group was appraised by Project Manager (MPR) that the feasibility of ROB was not possible because of proposed projects at the junction, therefore, RUB was the only alternate to provide connectivity of UER-II across the railway track. The proposal was discussed in  32nd  Working Group – II A meeting wherein consultants were requested  to incorporate the observations and decisions of 32nd Working Group - II A meeting.

    Proposal: Consultants presented the proposal of RUB at Holambi kalan with a length of 375 mtrs., 200 mtrs. on Eastern Side of Railway line and an approximately 175 mtrs. on Western side. The proposal incorporated Integration of proposed land uses with  the  RUB, Integration of proposed sector roads with the RUB and  junction detailing at  the merging of proposed sector roads of zone P-II with UER-II with three options.  It was informed by the consultants that there is currently no land  dispute in the alignment of RUB.


     Working Group II A observed that, there are 6 locations where  proposed sector roads are meeting UER-II alignment on proposed RUB.  These sector roads along with  existing Alipur road has been  integrated in the  design.  In all the three options presented by Consultants, option – 3 was found to be recommended proposal as it incorporates  the  vital traffic generating land uses and  activities proposed around the RUB like  Integrated Freight Terminal,  Integrated Passenger Terminal (IPT), proposed ware house, proposed  ISBT etc. The proposal is integrated  with existing regional connectivity and local road network  through sector roads. It was  further observed that in option – 3 local traffic flow  is uninterrupted.  

    It was informed by the consultants  (RITES) since there is no proposal of Metro in near future, Metro Alignment can only be accommodated after common agreement between Railways and DMRC and the issues of laying of services, ventilation & electrification,  safety & security, pedestrian  and NMV movement shall be taken care by the implementing agencies (DDA, Northern Railways-(Govt.of India)) while executing the project as per cross section already approved by UTTIPEC,DDA

    Decisions:   Working Group II A recommended  proposal of option – 3 to be placed before Governing Body with videography, adequate 3 D animation and site pictures for its consideration.
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    Chief Engineer (Project)
    Delhi Development Authority

    Asian Games Village Complex, Shahpurjat
    New Delhi. Ph. No. 26497420.
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