New Project- 51 for Community Feedback: Proposal alternatives for Carriappa Marg - Swarna Jayanti Marg/NH-8 ‘T’ Junction.

    1 Name of Project Proposal alternatives for Carriappa Marg - Swarna Jayanti Marg/NH-8 'T' Junction
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    Holistics Urban Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

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    Earlier PWD vide letter dated 19.8.2014 submitted 3 options of  the above mentioned proposal which were discussed in the 48th UTTIPEC WG-II-B meeting under the chairmanship of Secy., PWD on 22.8.2014 in which Working Group recommended that PWD will re-work on the proposal in consultation with Delhi Cantonment Board, Defence Authorities, Delhi Traffic Police and other stake holders and the same may again be discussed in the WG-II-B meeting.

    In the UTTIPEC Core Group meeting  under the chairmanship of Commissioner (Plg.), DDA on 17.12.15 & 18.12.15 in which all the 3 options submitted by PWD were discussed.

    This proposal was also discussed in the meeting of the Task Force for Decongestion of Delhi held under the chairmanship of Addl. Secy. (UD) Govt. of India on 17.12.15 & on 7.1.2016 in which it was suggested in this meeting that PWD should send the proposal to DDA for further action.


    Option- 1
    Straight traffic coming from Dwarka towards India gate is made signal free by passing it over a one-way flyover.

    Option- 2
    Straight traffic along Swarn Jayanti Marg, have been made signal free by stopping right turn from Cariappa Marg to Swarn Jayanti Marg.

    Option- 3
    Right traffic from India gate to Cariappa Marg and left traffic from Cariappa Marg to India gate along with the buses is being regulated with the help of two-phase traffic signals below the flyovers.

    Option- 4 (Preferred alternative at Swarn Jayanti       Marg Junction)
    Right traffic from Dhaula Kuan to Cariappa Marg and right traffic from Cariappa Marg to Gurgaon / Airport road, along with the buses is being managed through a one-way (7.5m) flyover along Cariappa Marg. Although, both these traffic streams can move simultaneously for long periods, they need to wait for very small intervals for allowing the entry/exit of the public transport vehicles.


    Option -1

    Straight traffic going to Parade road from Dhaula Kuan will be diverted to the U-turn below the Toll road.

    Option -2

    The traffic coming from Parade road is given secondary priority and the traffic from Dhaula Kuan and Toll road is given primary priority in the two phase traffic signal at the Parade road junction.

    Option -3 (Preferred option)

    8000 sq. m. area to be taken up by shifting the boundary wall to provide better turning radius, connectivity of service road and waiting lane for the traffic going straight to Parade Road.

    Slip road is proposed for the traffic coming from Dhaula Kuan to Toll road to make provision for waiting lane for the traffic going to Parade road from Dhaula Kuan. Curvature of slip road will improve the flow of traffic going towards Toll road.


    • PWD, GNCTD will submit a letter with respect to land related issues and proposal to concerned Defence Authorities and stake holders to sort out the land related / other issues, if any.  It was decided that on the basis of site conditions and resubmit by PWD to UTTIPEC for uploading on website for community feedback
    • Option No.4 will take care of 50% of the additional traffic volume. Detailed elaborated drawings alongwith a 3-D perspective of the preferred option No.4 and photographs of the peak hours from PWD. All the statutory clearances like cutting of trees etc. are to be taken up by PWD, GNCTD.
    • For Parade Road junction, it was decided that PWD will send all three options to concerned Defence Authorities and other stake holders for their NOC separately.


    PWD will resubmit the modified proposal to UTTIPEC for uploading on website for community feedback and PWD GNCTD will take all necessary clearance from the concerned Defence Authorities.

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    Chief Project Manager
    Flyover Project, F-4, PWD

    Brar Squarre Intersection,
    Ring Road, Delhi Cantt.,
    New Delhi-110010
    Email id-


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