New Project- 50 for Community Feedback: Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network / connectivity Plan- for the corridor / influence zone of Mangal Pandey Marg from foot of the Signature Bridge to UP Border (Bhopura)


    Name of Project

    Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network / connectivity Plan-for the corridor / influence zone of Mangal Pandey Marg from foot of the Signature Bridge to UP Border (Bhopura) and improvement of alternate routes / Secondary networks.



    Name of the Agency





    AEI International, Superior Global Infrastructure Consulting.



    Copy of Proposal /Presentation

    a) Short term proposal (At-grade development)

    b) Long term proposal

    1. Scenario-1
    2. Scenario-2
    3. Scenario-3   


    UTTPEC Processing




    The project entails preparing of Corridor Development Plan and detailed design of all intersections and mid-sections based on detailed traffic and feasibility studies for Mangal Pandey Marg, from foot of Signature Bridge at Khajuri till Bhopura Border on the Eastern side of the Yamuna River.



    Length of the Corridor is about 6.60 km and the proposed RoW of the road is 60m as per Zonal Development Plan of Zone 'E'.  The proposal was presented by Project Manger F-12, PWD and it was highlighted that there are about 12 major & minor junctions on this stretch.  It was observed that once the Vikaspuri - Wazirabad Corridor and Signature bridge will become operational, there shall be an increase in traffic volume on Mangal Pandey Marg,   therefore, there is an urgent need to upgrade this corridor for relieving the pressure.

    Four development alternatives / options of this stretch presented by Project Manager, F-12, PWD in WG-II-B meeting held on 26.5.2014, 22.8.14 & 9.4.15 and under CE, F-1, PWD on 23.3.15 & 31.3.15 which are as follows:


    a)        Development Scenario-1 (Mandatory Intervention)

    b)        Development Scenario-2 (Mandatory built)

    c)        Development Scenario-3 (Built intervention)

    d)        Development Scenario-4 (Built intervention)

    Recommendation of WG-II-B dated 09.04.2015:


         i.          It is recommended that at grade proposal should be worked out as a short term measure by PWD for further discussion under the chairmanship of the Chief Engineer, F-1.


        ii.          It was also recommended that the scenario 3 (i.e. long term solution) should be taken up along with at grade solution (i.e. a short term measures) for further discussion in WG-II-B meeting.

    In view of the above, the proposal was discussed under the chairmanship of Engr.-in-Chief (Projects) PWD on 3.9.15 in which four development alternatives/options (one short term and three long term alternatives) of this stretch was presented by Project Manager F-12, PWD, which are as follows:-

    1.      Short term proposal (At-grade development)

                    This proposal includes the following:         

                    i.        Construction of 8 dedicated lanes (4 lanes up and 4 lanes down) for thoroughfare traffic.

                   ii.        Reduction of  the number of access points to the lanes from the adjacent built up areas  for thoroughfare traffic from 61 access points to only 23 access points by enforced controlling of traffic.

                  iii.        Providing separate pedestrian pathway and separate lane for non-motorized vehicles to prevent intermixing of slow moving and fast moving vehicles.

                 iv.        In Phase-I, this proposal will be developed in the width of 50.6 m out of 60 m RoW as per Zonal Development Plan.


    2.      Long Term Proposal 

    a)        Scenario - I

             This Scenario includes construction of elevated corridor to facilitate smooth and movement of traffic from Karawal Nagar junction to Gagan Cinema junction.

    b)        Scenario - II

              There are two major interventions proposed in Scenario - II. These are construction of a flyover over Karawal Nagar junction, Ghonda junction and Brijpuri chowk and an elevated corridor starting from the top of flyover at Karawal Nagar junction to Gagan Cinema junction

    c)        Scenario - III

              In this scenario three major design interventions are proposed, which are mentioned as under:


                                        i.      Proposed flyover over Karawal Nagar, Ghonda road and Brijpuri intersection

                                       ii.      Proposed under pass at Loni intersection

                                      iii.      Proposed flyover over Nand Nagri and Gagan Cinema intersection.


                     PWD vide letter dated 09.01.2015 had submitted three Scenarios of this corridor.  Further, as per discussion in the meeting dated 31.03.2015, 03.09.2015 under the Chairmanship of CE, F-1, PWD and Working Group-II-B meeting dated 09.04.2015, PWD vide letter dated 07.09.2015 finally submitted the short term proposal (at grade solution) and long term solution (revised Scenario-III) which was further discussed in the Working Group-II-B meeting under the chairmanship of Pr. Secretary, PWD on 11.9.15.  The observation and recommendation of Working Group are as follows:


    Observations of the WG-II-B dated 11.9.2015


              i.      PWD & their consultants in their report have recommended the implementation of short term development i.e. at-grade development alongwith Scenario-III as a long term development. It was clarified during the presentation that Scenario-III (long term solution) is developed in such a way that it will superimpose on the short term solution (at grade solution) without much disturbance.


             ii.      All the members (their representatives) of the Working Group, present in the meeting, agreed with the above observation.


    Recommendation of the WG-II-B


            Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended the short term proposal i.e. at-grade development and long term proposal i.e. Scenario-III for approval by the Governing Body. It was decided that all the options & alternatives will be uploaded on UTTIPEC website for community feedback.




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    Additional Details

    The Chief Project Manager

    Flyover Project, F-3, PWD

    Ramesh Park, Near Shakarpur Police Station

    New Delhi-110092.

    Phone no. 011-22056487

    Email id-


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