New Project- 48 for Community Feedback: “Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network /Connectivity Plan for the corridor” at Mathura Road (NH-2) from Bhogal (Neela Gumbad) to Badar pur Border- PWD

    (1) Name of Project Integrated Transit Corridor Development and Street Network /Connectivity Plan for the corridor at Mathura Road (NH-2) from Bhogal (Neela Gumbad) to Badar pur Border- PWD.
    (2) Name of the Agency PWD
    (3) Consultant Feedback Infra Pvt. Ltd.
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    Option-III full Alignment-I
    Option-III Layouts
    (5) UTTPEC Processing Background & Proposal
    1. The proposal of Mathura Road Corridor (45m RoW as per Zonal Development Plan of Zone 'F'-2021) includes upgradation and retrofitting of the Corridor from Bhogal (Neela Gumbad) upto Badarpur Border as per Street Design Guidelines. PWD has also proposed an underpass at Ashram Chowk along Mathura Road.
    2. The proposal was presented by PWD in Governing Body meeting dated 25.6.14 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble L.G., Delhi in which it was decided that in option forprovision of “underpass on Mathura Road at Ashram Junction, a detailedexamination of entire corridor i.e. from Nizamuddin to Badarpur Border needs to be taken up.However, in view of recent construction of Metro station at Ashram Chowk a dialog with DMRC may be initiated by PWDabout the possibility / feasibility of underpass on Mathura Road and a network analysis and recirculation of traffic movement in and around the Ashram Chowk to be worked out.Accordingly, a comprehensive proposal be worked out by PWD.
    3. Following three proposed options were submitted by PWD vide letter dated 03.01.2015, which was presented by PWD in Core Group Meeting held on 31.7.2015:-


    UTTIPEC and their representatives expressed their views for at-grade design upgradation of intersection at Ashram Chowk with proper signalization as per Street Design Guidelines so that the traffic on Mathura road flows in packets and becomes manageable.

    Option-II & III

    A four lane (two way) underpass at Ashram Chowk intersection, split flyovers at Jungpura intersection and flyover at different intersections on Mathura Road up to Badarpur Border on 45m RoW as per Zonal Development Plan (MPD-2021) as a signal free high speed corridor.

    Following are the observations of the Core Group meeting held on 31.7.15:

    1. It has been recommended that consultants should explore possibility of having network connection so that traffic can be distributed across the network and traffic at various junctions can be reduced requiring less elevated road flyover options.
    2. It has been recommended to take into account all the committed projects such as Kalindi byepass, entry re-development on Sarai Kale Khan terminal which may impact traffic distribution better in the corridor.
    3. The consultant shall clearly indicate traffic composition at key location on the Mathura road indicating proportion of bus trips , bicycle trip, pedestrian volume apart from private vehicles so that improvement of infrastructure for all road users could be provisioned.It was also indicated that if consultant had shown trip desire pattern andtrip length distributionat traffic then it will be appropriate to plan proposed scheme based on traffic pattern.
    4. It was indicated by consultant that Neela Gumbud carries about 7000 PCU traffic presently.It was discussed that if this corridor is made signal free then traffic accumulation with this junction is expected to cross 10,000 PCU in the current situation requiring one more flyover at Neela Gumbad junction as per IRC guidelines.
    5. It was also discussed that Ashram junction is carrying total junction traffic between 12,000 PCU and proposed scheme providing underpass along Mathura road will cater only about 3000 PCUs relieving traffic only upto 25%, rest 75% traffic circulationto be managed by at-gradesignal causing long queue length and not substantially improving the situation in the proposal.
    6. PWD and their consultants has provided the two way split flyover at T-junction in front of Nizzamuddin Railway Station.It was suggested that being this T-junction and having very low volume at right –turn from Mathura road towards Nizzamuddin the possibility of requiring one way flyover i.e. from Neela Gumbud to Ashram Chowk may be exploreduntil & unless there is other constraint.

    The above proposals/options were presented by PWD and their consultants in the Working Group Meeting on 10.8.15.

    Observations of the WG-II-B meeting dated 10.8.15

    1. Members/representatives of members (who attended the meeting) of this Working Group, Delhi Traffic Police, DMRC, ASI & PWD expressed their views of having onlyunderpass at Ashram intersection.
    2. It was observed that the proposal of Kalindi byepass will help in reducing the traffic up to 25-30% at Mathura Road.It was therefore mentioned that proposal of Kalindi Byepass may be taken up on priority. Therefore, there is a need to pursue early implementation of alternative routes like Kalindi byepass and other possible options such as elevated corridor, flyovers & other possible options of networking on Mathura Road with the adjoining neighbourhood areas to be reviewed based on various datas such as trip length (in diagram),trip desire pattern (OD with diagram), cost benefit analysis and other necessary parameters.
    3. Based on the observations of Core Group meeting dated 31.7.15, Director (Plg.) UTTIPEC & team and representative of DIMTS mentioned option-I as a preferred option in which traffic is propagating in packets through signalization on Mathura road.This option-II / III of underpass and flyovers may accumulate traffic at Neela Gumbad / other adjacent intersections on Mathura Road.
    4. Survey of trip length for longer distances to be worked out so that Mathura Road can be integrated for better networking at a regional level i.e. integration with Barapullah, Kalindi Byepass, Noida elevated corridor and other major roads.
    5. Corridor improvement should include NMT crossings at frequent intervals of 250 mts. (approx.) at Mathura Road.
    6. Multi Modal Integration proposal of Ashram Metro station is to be integrated with the proposal.
    7. Report on the extended proposal up to Badarpur Border is to be submitted by PWD.


    Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended the following:

    1. Working Group recommended construction ofunderpass at Ashram intersection along Mathura Road with all other parameters as per Street Design Guidelines such as NMV lanes, pedestrian footpaths, service lane etc immediately.
    2. Other alternative options mentioned at observations (ii) above need to be expedited for implementation.
    3. It was decided that both the options i.e. at grade, underpass & flyovers will be uploaded on UTTIPEC website for community feedback.
    (6) Date of Uploading the project 31.08.2015
    (7) Last date of Feedback 30.09.2015
    (8) AdditionalDetails Project Manager, Flyover Division, F-12, PWD, Ramesh Park, Opp.Shakkarpur Police Station, Laxmi Nagar, Pusta, Delhi-110092., Phone no. 011-22056481, 22056483 Email


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