New Project 43 for Community feedback: Street Design of radial roads around the automated Multi Level Car Parking at Kamla Nagar.

    (1) Name of Project Street Design of radial roads around the automated Multi Level Car Parking at Kamla Nagar
    (2) Name of the Agency North DMC
    (3) Consultant Design Well (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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    This project of MCD is to design the five Nos. of radial roads around Kamla Nagar Multi level car parking in detail as per the Street Design Guidelines, Road markings & signages which are as follows:

    Radial '1'
    :Mandelia Road (Bunglow Road Side)
    Length 325 Mtrs.
    Right of Way = 18 Mtrs.

    Radial '2':
    Jawahar Road
    100 Mtrs.
    Right of Way = 18 Mtrs.

    Radial '3':
    Kohlapur Road
    Length 75 Mtrs.
    Right of Way =12 Mtrs.

    Radial '4':
    Mandelia Road (G.T. RoadSide)
    Length 335 Mtrs.
    Right of Way = 18 Mtrs.

    Radial '5':
    Maharaja Agrasen Marg
    Length 410 Mtrs.
    Right of Way = 18 Mtrs.

    North MCD vide letter no. EE (Proj)-I/RZ/2014-15/593 dated 26.08.2014 has mentioned that the ROW of roads mentioned above is as per layout plan of North Delhi Municipal Corporation approved by Town Planning Department (Drg. No. TP/M/5113, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (Formerly).

    The proposal includes street scaping features and following is proposed:-

    1. On street parking of vehicles is proposed to be shifted from road side to newly constructed Multi Level Car parking and making the road around parking facility as'No-Parking Zone'.
    2. Radial road No. '1' i.e. portion of Mandelia Roadfrom Banglow Road to Round About is proposed to be made 'One-Way' movementwhereas other radial roads viz. 2,3,4 & 5 are remainto be 'Two Way' movement.
    3. Width of carriageway on Radial road '1' is proposed to be reduced to 9.00m from existing 14.00m and width of footpath to be increased to 4.40m from 2.00m.This is proposed because the 'On-Street' parking on this road will be restricted and road will be made 'one-Way'.The increase in width of footpath will facilitate pedestrian movement as this stretch of road is prone to attract more pedestrian being close to Delhi University.No major change is proposed in the width of carriageway and footpath on other radial roads.
    4. Provision of HALT AND GO facility for the Auto and Rickshaws/IPT to control the traffic movement.
    5. Provision of Hawker Zone, cart parking, I.P.T., cycle stand & parking for physically challenged on Mandelia Road opposite M.C.D. School.
    6. Provision of footpath, Zebra Crossing table tops, traffic signals etc. for safe pedestrian movement & ramps in the corridor and intersections for physically challenged & Senior Citizen.
    7. Trees, Benches, Dustbins,Signages, Street Light, Planters Bed,Table Top & Tack tile path for Blind Persons, Physically Challenged & Pedestrians have been planned on all above mentioned roads as per UTTIPEC guidelines:
    8. viii).Proper drainage will be provided around the parking area on all major roads.
    9. Re-surfacing of carriageway will be done to maintain riding quality of roads.
    10. 'On –Street Parking' restrictions will be imposed during specified time on all major radial roads.


    It was observed that out of the five radial roads mentioned above, two are with PWD and three are with MCD for maintenance.Therefore, MCD was requested to send the proposal of these two roads to PWD for necessary feedback, if any within two weeks.If any observations raised by PWD, the same needs to be incorporated in the proposal before presenting in Governing Body.


    Based on the above observations, Working Group recommended the proposal for consideration of the Governing Body.

    (6) Date of uploading the project 16.09.2014
    (7) Last date of feedback 15.10.2014
    (8) Additionaldetails Sh. Sandeep Sharma, EE (Pr.)-I/RZ, NDMC, Office of the Ex. Engineer (Project)-I/Rohini Zone, 2ndFloor, Sub Zonal Building, Rohini Zone, Sector-17, Rohini, Delhi-110085.
    Email id -
    Phone No.- 011-27573567.
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