Project 42 for Community feedback: Integrated Transit Corridor Development proposal of Ring Road between Salim Garh to Signature Bridge.

    (1) Name of Project Integrated Transit Corridor Development proposal of Ring Road between Salim Garh to Signature Bridge (Stage-III Submission).
    (2) Name of the Agency PWD (Govt. of NCT of Delhi)
    (3) Consultant M/S AE-I International Superior Global Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
    (4) Copy of Proposal / Location Map / Drawing

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    (5) UTTPEC Processing Proposal:Following two proposed options were discussed in Core Group meetings and suggestions with respect to provide safe movement of pedestrian, NMT & Public Transport etc were made:-


    The proposed stretch of Ring Road (8 lane divided c/w) to be developed as an Integrated Transit Corridor with appropriate retrofitting of corridor /intersections as per the Street Design Guidelines to accommodate equitable provision of space for all roadusers/modesand redesigningof signal systems, signages and markings etc for safe and smooth traffic flow (all modes)along the corridor/intersections.

    Option- II

    The proposed stretch of road to be developed asSignal free-High Speed Corridoras an extension to Signal free Road no-50/ Signature bridge approach road with construction of number of flyovers on 2 'T' intersections between the Signature Bridge approach to ISBT.

    A presentation of both options was made by PWD in the Governing Body meeting with preference for the option II i.e. Signal free corridor with following specific proposals:-

    1. 2 flyovers on 'T' intersections at Majnu Ka Tilla, Metcalfe House.
    2. An additional ramp on ISBT loop for reducing traffic congestion on Ring Road by buses as buses take 'U' turn at surface level loop and weave through the straight traffic to enter ISBT.
    3. Widening of the road and also extending the existing underpass for about 6-8 mt towards the cremation ground near Hanuman Mandir to remove bottleneck at this point
    4. Widening of road at Salimgarh fort intersection to facilitate signal free smooth movement of Southbound traffic to the bypass road.
    5. Surface level improvement at all intersections with signals and other provisions for safe pedestrian/cycle/NMV movement.

    The proposed Option-II presented by PWD was approved in principle by the Governing Body with above observations (Refer Governing Bodyminutes dated 22.11.2013).

    (6) Date of Uploading the project 19.05.2014
    (7) Last date of Feedback 18.06.2014
    (8) AdditionalDetails Sh.Manoj Kumar, Project Manager, F-13, PWD,Mukarba Chowk, G T Karnal Road, Near CNG Petrol Pump, New Delhi-110033.
    Email id
    Phone No.- 27691870,27691971, 27691871.
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