Project 24 for Approval - Entry and Exit to Dwarka Court Complex

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    (8) UTTPEC Processing The proposal was discussed in WG II B Meeting held on 07.04.2011 with following observations & decision:

    In response to the courtdirections in Civil suit No.215/10 Dwarkain the matter of Dwarka Court Bar Association through its Hony. Secretary, Naresh C.Sharma, V/S MCD, DCP (Traffic) & others, Dy.Commr.of Police (Traffic) vide letter dated 24.2.11 has forwarded a proposal of providing signalized cut near gate No.3 and suggested to close the gap in central verge in front ofexisting petrolpump.The issue was discussed in the Core Group meeting held on 21.3.2011 in which following observation & recommendation were made:


    To improve the connectivity, the cross junction near the High Court to be developedas signalized intersection which will serve as the access to the court as well asprovide an additional cross connectivity facility between the major intersection existing 1 km apart. It was agreed to provide a signalized intersection which can also integrate the existing service road along the metro line.The request for closing of the gap on the central verge in front of petrol pump was agreed.


    Based on the above observation, the Working Group approved the proposal for a signalized intersectionat Dwarka Court complex integrating the service road along the Metro line.The request for closing of the gap on the central verge in front of petrol pump was agreed.The necessary total station survey for design of the intersection will be supplied by CE(Dwarka)within 15 days.UTTIPEC will prepare the design of the intersection.DCP(Traffic) will intimate the court on the above decision.The total time schedule for issue of the design to CE (Dwarka) Project was fixed for 45 days.

    Subsequently, the proposal was discussed in Governing Body Meeting held on 15.04.2011 with following Decision:

    The proposal was for providing an access to the Court complex. It was decided that the nearby junction to beproperly developed as a signalized intersection to provide access to the court. An Intersection Plan will be prepared in -house by UTTIPEC Core Team on the survey base to be provided by the Project Manager (Flyover) for discussion in WG IIB.

    Further, the proposal was discussed in WG II B Meeting held on 19.05.2011 with following observations & Decision:

    1. In pursuance to the order of Senior Civil judge-Dwarka dated 17.1.2011 in the suit No.CSWO215/10 to provide proper entry & exit to Dwarka Court Complex,from adjoining main road from both sides, DCP(HQ) vide letter dated 24.2.2011 submitted a proposal for a signalized junction.
    2. The proposal was discussed in the WG meeting held on 7.4.2011

    In pursuance with the WG-II-B meeting held on 7.4.2011, conceptual design for entry & exit to Dwarka court complex was worked out by UTTIPEC & presented before the WG meeting.Salientfeatures of the proposal are as under:

    1. 4 armed junction was proposed at the Court complex by taking the 60 m/R/W road and the road along the Metro corridor.
    2. 7.5m carriage way was proposed with 2.25m foot path on either side for smooth vehicular movement in the parking area and safe pedestrian movement.A separate entry was proposed near the metro station for vehicles entering to Dwarka court parking area.The existing entry into the court complex along 60 m R/W has been proposed for exit.

    1. 7.5 m road proposed is not sufficient to provide a smooth 2 way movement hence the carriage way be increased to 3 lane i.e. 9 m with 1.8.m footpath on either side.
    2. The entry gate proposed near metro station bereviewedtaking into consideration the entry & exit from the metro station
    3. The proposed entry & exit to the parking area to be integrated with the internal circulation of the court complex to have an effective traffic circulation.
    4. Copy of the proposal may be sent to Administrative judge incharge of Dwarka court complex & President, Dwarka court bar association for their comments, if any.


    The proposal for provision of signanlized junction of 60 m R/W and 12 m R/W at Dwarka Court complex wasagreed in principlewith the above observations:-

    1. Copy of the proposal to be sent to CE(Dwarka) project for detailed feasibility, checking of dimension and location of the entry & exit gates, keeping in view the entry & exit of Dwarka Metro station.
    2. Copies of the proposal also be sent to Administrative Judge Incharge, Dwarka Court complex andPresident Dwarka Court bar association for comments/observations.
    3. The detailed proposal incorporating the above observations be brought up in the next WG-II-B meeting.
    (9) Contact Chief Engineer Dwarka (DDA)
    Phone No.: 25036050
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