Project 17 for Approval - Proposal of closure of cut at Mathura road, opposite Nizamuddin.

    1. Name of the Project: Proposal of closure of cut at Mathura Road, opposite Nizamuddin
    2 Name of the Agency: PWD and Delhi Traffic Police
    3 Copy of the Proposal:

    Central verge opposite Nizamuddin on Mathura Road. (Plan)

    Mathura Road from Rajdoot Hotel to Neela Gumbad, there is very heavy movement of vehicles and on this particular stretch, there are already four light signals in existence i.e. Rajdoot, Bhogal, Jangpura & nizamuddin.On this stretch, there is a cut on central verge also opposite Nizamuddin, which hinders the free flow of traffic and is very prone to accidents.

    Delhi Traffic Police has requested that the above mentioned cut may be closed at the earliest for the safety of motorist as well as smooth flow of traffic.

    3.Decision of the Working Group- II B, UTTIPEC meeting held on 23.7.10
    It was agreed in principle that the verge may be closed. However, the proposal be put up in the UTTIPEC website for inviting public objections / suggestions.

    4 File No: F1(18)2010/UTTIPEC
    5 Date of uploading on Website 09.08.2010
    6 Last date for Community Feedback 06.09.2010
    7 Contact Sh. P.K. Behera
    Joint Director (Plg.), UTTIPEC
    2ndFloor, Vikas Minar, New Delhi- 110002
    (M) 9968298659
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