Project 9 for Approval - Comprehensive Integrated corridor improvement plan of Road No – 56 from Gazipur to Apsara Border.

    (1) Name of Project :- Comprehensive Integrated corridor improvement plan of Road No – 56 from Gazipur to Apsara Border
    (2) Name of the Agency :- PWD ( Govt. of Delhi)
    (3) Contractors :- M/s TPA Engineering Consulting Pvt. Ltd., 112,Kailash Hills, New Delhi.
    (4) Project Schedule :- 3 years after obtaining the Approval from Local Bodies and receipt of A/A & E/s from Govt of Delhi.
    (5) UTTPEC Processing

    The proposal has been submitted by the Project Manager, F-13 PWD, on 5.6.09 for considering the proposal.

    The proposal was discussed in the Governing Body meeting held on 16.04.10 with the following decisions:

    i)A Comprehensive proposal for connectivity to the Anand Vihar Terminal is to be circulated to all stakeholders and implementing agencies and an update provided at the next Governing Body meeting.

    Action: Northern Railways, PWD, Traffic Police,
    DIMTS, DMRC, DDA (Flyovers), UTTIPEC Core Team

    ii)Tendering process for DDA's Karkari Modh Proposal is to be put on hold immediately. The proposal is to be re-evaluated with all involved stakeholders through UTTIPEC.

    Action: Project Manager DDA (Flyovers), UTTIPEC Core Team

    iii)Railways are to share and discuss TOR and Scope of Work for Integrated Circulation plan around Anand Vihar Terminal with UTTIPEC before finalizing and awarding the Consultancy.

    Action: Northern Railways, UTTIPEC Core Team

    iv)Next phase of planning around the Integrate Anand Vihar Terminal to be taken up by UTTIPEC Core team in coordination with DDA Plg. Dept.

    Action: DDA Plg. Dept., UTTIPEC Core Team

    Proposal was discussed in the Working Group II B meeting on 04.01.11 with the following observations and decisions:

    The concerned Executive Engineer, PWD submitted that the first phase of the proposal required for the CWG is under progress.The final phase of the proposal is to be approved by UTTIPEC.

    It was pointed out that separate proposals for Rd. No. 57, 58, Vikas Marg, Railways are under consideration in UTTIPEC.An integrated comprehensive proposal based on Transit Oriented Development concept approved in principle by the Governing Body is under preparation.Detailed proposal of all new roads are to be taken up on approved comprehensive proposal.

    (6) Location Map
    (7) Additional Details :-
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