Project 3 for Approval - Traffic problems of South Delhi (Greater Kailash – I and II)- Additional entry or exit point to Greater Kailash part – II and adjoining colonies.


    Subject :-

    Traffic problems of South Delhi (Greater Kailash – I& II) Additional entry /exit point to Greater Kailash part – II and adjoining colonies.



    Reference :-  

    Suggestions from Grater Kailash part – II Welfare Association Proposals         

    1. Construction of a flyover/underpass through Jahanpanah Forest from Baba Sahed Ambedkar Marg at the (T) Junction Road going towards Saket to Greater Kailash –II near Balwant Rai Mehta School.

    1. A single carriage one way flyover to be replaced by a dual carriageway two way flyover between Nehru place flyover and Chirag Delhi flyover for smooth flow of traffic on outer ring road

    1. Free left turn towards Nehru Place To Kalkaji Mandir

    1. Noise Barrier from Savitri to Masjid moth subway

    1. Escalator on FOB betweem Savitri cinema and Nehru Place

    1. Metro Linkage from IIT and Lajpat Nagar to Nehru Place

    1. Provision of access road towards E block GK-II from A block GK- enclave


    Working Group – II- B Processing:        


    This proposal was discussed in Working Group II- B meeting held on 19.02.09

    Representation from G.K II Welfare Association addressed to Hon'ble MOS(MOUD on "Traffic problems of South Delhi, Greater Kailash I & II" forwarded to MCD, PWD, Traffic Police and DMRC by OSD to LG vide letter no 5(11)/RN/2009/RM/2276 dated 10.2.09 for solution.)


    Residents Welfare Association has represented for considering the solutions suggested by the Association for solving the traffic problems in GK-II area with particular reference to the Savitri Cinema Complex to be re-opened as per the decision of the Hon'ble High Court.

    Association has suggested the following solutions-

    •  Underpass/tunnel connecting GK-II with Press Enclave Road.
    • Extension of Chirag Delhi Fly-over up to Nehru Place Fly-over.
    • Free turn towards Nehru Place
    • Noise barrier from Savitri to Masjid Mor sub-way
    •  Metro linkages from IIT to Nehru Place
    • The FOB under construction on Outer Ring Road with an escalator.
    •  Access towards E-Block, GK enclave.


    1. The problem of additional traffic passing through Savitri junction is visible and the problem shall be accentuated after the reopening of Savitri cinema.
    2.  Congestion at M-block market entry/exit is visible however parking is not a major problem.
    3. Underpass below Jahapana forest may be difficult as this is a reserved forest although it would offer a good bypass for thoroughfare. The entire corridor plan needs to be prepared together with the  connectivity at the junctions (Tuglakabad and Press Enclave) In the first instance the  clearance from Forest/Environment dept. GNCTD may be obtained. 
    4.  Detailed study needs  be taken up for streamlining the traffic in the area.
    5. PWD, MCD, DMRC were requested to study the proposal and present their views in the Governing Body of UTTIPEC. They were also requested to examine the feasibility of the proposals in a time bound manner, for further consideration in the next WG meeting. 

    The proposal was discussed in the Governing Body meeting held on 20.2.09 with the following observations:

              The reference on the subject forwarded by OSD to LG. vide office Note No.F.5(11)RN/09/rm/2276 dt:10.2.09 was reviewed, based on preliminary discussions held in WG.II-B meeting on 19.2.09.  The suggestions of Welfare Association were discussed & it was decided that the concerned agencies i.e. PWD, traffic police, MCD, DMRC examine the feasibility of the specific suggestions & come out with viable suggestions.  UTTIPEC was requested to simultaneously upload the suggestions of RWAs on web site for public opinion/ feed back in about one month's time.                           

    Proposal was discussed in the Working Group II B meeting on 25.06.09

                  PWD is yet to submit their proposal, while the MCD has submitted only a survey plan.

                  PWD to submit a comprehensive plan in consultation with Traffic Police within 3 weeks i.e. by 16.7.09 as per the decision of WG IIB dt. 16.3.09 and MCD to work out the proposals in consultation with Traffic Police, PWD and submit the plan within 3 weeks i.e. 16.7.09.

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